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Cosmocrat Life Booster is inspired by Ayurveda in one delicious, water-soluble tablet it has natural antibiotic and immunity-boosting properties for so many illnesses in our body.

Dosage / Method of use:

  • One tablet by dissolving in 120ml of boiled water & wait for 30-40 seconds or you can also use spoon to mix and drink still it is warm. Gud (jaggery)/ Draksha ( Resins) and/ or lemon juice can be added while consuming the tea.Cosmocrat life booster Herbal Tea can be taken by women, men, girls, boys, adults, old age people, children
  • 100% organic, Caffeine free, Absolutely pure and does not contain any traces of added chemicals


Immunity Booster (Rog Pratirodhak Kshamta hetu ) or as directed by the physician.


1. TULSI ( ocimum sanctum)
Its an antioxidant and helps in not only increasing body immunity but also lowers the risk of so many other diseases of the body by fighting against various viruses and infections.

2. DALCHINI ( cinnamnum zeylanicium)
It’s a very beneficial herb in Ayurveda and a potent immunity booster. Its an excellent tonic for heart, brain and liver. It lowers cholesterol level in natural ways.

3. SUNTHI (zingiber officinale)
It’s a antibacterial and its filled with power of boosting our and makes a stronger to fight against all types of viral and bacterial infections. It also aids with digestion

4. KALI MARICH (piper nigrum)
It is a well known popular spice in all over the world it not only enhances the taste but also fight with desieses of our body very actively and so boost the immunity it promot weight lose, enhance the digestive system and super charge our immune system naturally.

5 reviews for Life Booster

  1. Dr Aakriti Khemka

    I am Dr Aakriti, I was using other green tea since 2 years but Life Booster is completely different from other Green tea. It boost our immunity and helps us to reduce our body weight.
    Highly Recommended.

  2. Arhaan warsi

  3. Ashish

    Highly Recommended !!

  4. Gaurav

    Thankyou so much Cosmocrat for this Green tea, It is really amazing Green tea which took only 30 seconds to get ready. I would like to recommend everyone !!

  5. Vikas babbar (verified owner)

    It is such a nice revolution in green tea market. The flavour is so good and natural and the special thing about this is that it’s in tablet form and it dissolves in the hot water instantly.

  6. Pragati tiwari

    Recently I purchased this amazing life booster. I just loved the taste of the green tea it is just amazing plus the flavours it have are just so natural and awesome it works as an amazing stress buster the smell is just awesome in totally love with this product and would highly recommend it to you all.

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